Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Site News, or Boring Post Title

Hi everyone!

I supposed most of you have been as excited as I to find out about all the upcoming releases (new Pollard albums - two of 'em!, new Circus Devils, Crickets, Austin City Limits, The Takeovers...), and you also likely noticed a great distance of time passing between my latest posts.

I have been extremely busy lately, but I do not have any plans other than keeping up with this project and going through every Pollard release! I posted Go Back Snowball earlier today, and look forward to writing about 2003 releases (Earthquake Glue, Pinball Mars, Hardcore UFOs, Lifeguards, & Phantom Tollbooth) in the very near future.

I also updated my links recently (and was excited to see a blog with the goal of writing about every Pollard song -> see links on sidebar). I also listed some more non-GBV related links (thank you to those nice people who linked this site).

Anyway, I just wanted to provide an update, and make sure you all know that I am still 100% dedicated to this site. I also plan to update its look and feel sometime in the future (did you know that you can reach this site through www.rock-robot.com?).

Lastly, please do not click on the 'click here to read the rest of this article...' link on the bottom of this post. This is the whole post. I don't know how to NOT have it on every post...so hopefully I saved you a mouse-click.

Dave (The Rock Robot)

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jazman said...

You go, boy, and do your best!