Sunday, April 19, 2009

A New Post!

Okay, so I finally posted after about 8 months of close to zero activity. I never intended it on going so long, but I must say I have been extremely busy. And like the last time this happened, I'll say again that I do not intend on letting such a long time go between posts ever again. There is a lot of exiting stuff happening in the world of Pollard (there is at least the same amount of Pollard solo material out there as GBV that I'm wondering about the title of this blog...) lately, and as always, it is an exiting time to be a fan.
I thought I'd provide some of my thoughts of some of the newer stuff that has been, and is soon to be released...
  • Sgt. Disco and Ataxia are my favorite Circus Devils albums, so I'm naturally excited about Gringo.
  • The pairing of Coast to Coast Carpet of Love and Standard Gargoyle Decisions was pretty decent, but does not reach the greatness of FACE/Normal Happiness. In fact, FACE/Normal Happiness is still the greatest post GBV material.
  • I'm still not entirely getting into Boston Spaceships. I'll still take the Takeovers over the Boston Spaceships any day.
  • Big fan of both Off to Business and The Crawling Distance.
  • This interview talks about a 3D-film musical about Cleopatra, directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Jim Greer, which will feature GBV music - wow.
Anyway, once again, sorry for the delay between posts. I should have the write-up for Normal Happiness up soon.


Jesse said...

In the time you were away, I discovered GBV and subsequently your site which has been a great wonder for me. A new fan has been born!

chris.obrien said...

hey love the site - use it as a resource all the time... I personally have about 50+ Pollard releases and like you am addicted..

anyway, good work... hope you post more!


oh btw, my introduction was Vampire/Propller, follwed by the Box...

And I bought a copy of the Grifters split from The Grifters at Shangli-ra Records in Memphis...

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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