Sunday, July 28, 2013

7 1/2 Years Later

I started this blog in December of 2005, shortly after discovering Guided By Voices - yes, I discovered them after the band was "done". Over the years I have slowed down with the reviews (none last year), in fact, Robert Pollard is easily releasing new albums much quicker than I have been writing up new entries. 

It was something else trying to find copies of everything back in 2005, but I can't imagine what it would be like now, where there is a new GBV-related release every couple months! So I'm going to get back at it, and hope this will prove to be a helpful source for people just getting into GBV. 

Also, eventually I need to go back to my older entries because I know that certain songs have gained favor with me over the years (what's with that terrible entry on Sandbox?), and vise-versa. That will have to wait however, since there are still tons of albums I haven't got to on this site. Also, I apologize for not being very active on the comment boards - I used to respond to almost every comment on each entry, but I haven't been so great lately. I'll try to keep up better going forward. 

Guided By Voices: Let's Go Eat The Factory (2012)

The intro starts slowly, and begins to build up. Laundry & Lasers is the first track on the first album under the Guided By Voices name in about eight years, and it needs to tell us what the new GBV is all about. And when I say new, I actually mean "classic", as this is the reuniting of Robert Pollard with Tobin Sprout (vocals, guitar), Mitch Mitchell (guitars), Greg Demos (bass), and Kevin Fennell (drums). These are the guys that brought us Propeller, Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes, and Under the Bushes Under the Stars. Are they going to continue with the mid-fi sounds that UTBUTS left off, or chart a new course for GBV?

Pollard's vocal's kick in, and they are definitely on the mid-fi range, so that question is answered. But then, the driven guitar and drums join in, and the classic lineup starts out with a rocker. Its a great song, and it reminds me of other stellar opening tunes like Man Called Aerodynamics for UTBUTS or A Salty Salute from Alien Lanes. But would the rest of the album live up to potential gleamed from Laundry & Lasers

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Quick Update

Hi, just a quick update! I updated the various pages so they have the latest GBV-related releases. A new post is also in the works!