Sunday, January 12, 2014

Boston Spaceships: Camera Found the Ray Gun (2010)

I was a big fan of The Takeovers' EP Little Green Onion Man. It was four tracks that were unique, and maybe just a little lo-fi for the two regular album The Takeovers put out. I consider Camera Found the Ray Gun to be for the Boston Spaceships what Camera Found the Ray Gun was for The Takeovers; a small shot of something different and worthy of our attention. Clocking in at around 9 minutes, this short EP is another worthy addition to the Boston Spaceships catalog...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Boston Spaceships: Zero to 99 (2009)

Back in June of 2011 I wrote my entry on Planets Are Blasted, the second album from Boston Spaceships, a collaboration between Robert Pollard, Chris Slusarenko, and John Moen. I put every song off that album on the playlist, and it cemented itself as one of my favorite GBV-related albums ever. Boston Spaceships are arguably Pollard's best band behind GBV and it was the banner under which Pollard's best work was released under while GBV was in hiatus from 2008 - 2012. Part of the draw of Boston Spaceships was that demo-ish tracks that were already released in products like Suitcase were re-created with the backing of a band making them more "complete", and their third release, Zero To 99, would continue this trend...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

7 1/2 Years Later

I started this blog in December of 2005, shortly after discovering Guided By Voices - yes, I discovered them after the band was "done". Over the years I have slowed down with the reviews (none last year), in fact, Robert Pollard is easily releasing new albums much quicker than I have been writing up new entries. 

It was something else trying to find copies of everything back in 2005, but I can't imagine what it would be like now, where there is a new GBV-related release every couple months! So I'm going to get back at it, and hope this will prove to be a helpful source for people just getting into GBV. 

Also, eventually I need to go back to my older entries because I know that certain songs have gained favor with me over the years (what's with that terrible entry on Sandbox?), and vise-versa. That will have to wait however, since there are still tons of albums I haven't got to on this site. Also, I apologize for not being very active on the comment boards - I used to respond to almost every comment on each entry, but I haven't been so great lately. I'll try to keep up better going forward. 

Guided By Voices: Let's Go Eat The Factory (2012)

The intro starts slowly, and begins to build up. Laundry & Lasers is the first track on the first album under the Guided By Voices name in about eight years, and it needs to tell us what the new GBV is all about. And when I say new, I actually mean "classic", as this is the reuniting of Robert Pollard with Tobin Sprout (vocals, guitar), Mitch Mitchell (guitars), Greg Demos (bass), and Kevin Fennell (drums). These are the guys that brought us Propeller, Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes, and Under the Bushes Under the Stars. Are they going to continue with the mid-fi sounds that UTBUTS left off, or chart a new course for GBV?

Pollard's vocal's kick in, and they are definitely on the mid-fi range, so that question is answered. But then, the driven guitar and drums join in, and the classic lineup starts out with a rocker. Its a great song, and it reminds me of other stellar opening tunes like Man Called Aerodynamics for UTBUTS or A Salty Salute from Alien Lanes. But would the rest of the album live up to potential gleamed from Laundry & Lasers

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Quick Update

Hi, just a quick update! I updated the various pages so they have the latest GBV-related releases. A new post is also in the works!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Still Here

I know it has been a while (over a year now) since my last post. I just wanted to put out a quick note saying I'm still around, but other things have left me little time to post on this blog. I do want to complete the entries, and there have been tons of new stuff as well to review, so I'm hoping to one day get back at it!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Robert Pollard: Coast to Coast Carpet of Love (2007)

I have raved about Pollard's solo twosome from 2006 of From a Compound Eye and Normal Happiness, and claimed that they were amongst the best albums in the GBV-related catolog. 2007 saw the release of another combo, the edgy Standard Gargoyle Decisions, and the focus of this post, the mellow and pop-whimsical Coast to Coast Carpet of Love (which I'll abbreviate CTCCOL from here on out). The familiar recording process of Todd Tobias laying out all the instrumental tracks, and then Pollard mixing the vocals would be used here. Though the 2007 offerings do not quite meet the level of awesome of Pollard's 2006 albums, there is still stuff to like here, however, there is something wrong with how the guitar sounds on CTCCOL. I would like to hear other's comments on this, but the way guitar is recorded on CTCCOL prevents me from enjoying it more...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Boston Spaceships: The Planets Are Blasted (2009)

One of my absolutely favorite Pollard songs was released in 2009, the incredible opener to Planets Are Blasted, Canned Food Demons. If I made a one-disc sampler of GBV-related tunes for a friend, this track would be on it for sure. The song serves as a perfect opening to Planets Are Blasted, the Boston Spaceships' follow-up to Brown Submarine. The trio of Pollard, Slusarenko, and Moen had a difficult task ahead of them when they set out to top their wonderful first offering, Brown Submarine, but they not only met that challenge, but managed to create one of the best albums in the entire Pollard-related catalog. This one is right up there with FACE/Normal Happiness and the best of the Guided By Voices records...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boston Spaceships: Brown Submarine (2008)

In 2008, Robert Pollard put together his new band Boston Spaceships, who are named after the spaceships on the album covers of the band Boston. The band also includes Chris Slusarenko (most instruments) and The Decemberists' John Moen on drums, though the songs are all written by Pollard. Since then, Boston Spaceships have released four full albums, an EP, and have a fifth album due in August. Brown Submarine is the first album from what is likely Pollard's most exciting and consistently rocking post-GBV band (including the solo stuff)...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grand Reopening!

Hi everyone! I have updated the site to the new Blogger templates, which I hope makes it easier to navigate, and should make it easier for me to update. Now, I just need to post a new review :-)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Soon Soon

I let a whole year go by without a post, so sorry about that. However, this site is still ongoing as far as I'm concerned, and I hope to find some time to post some new reviews over the summer.