Thursday, August 10, 2006

Airport 5: Total Exposure (2001)

I am pretty excited, since I just ordered the new Psycho and the Birds EP a week ago (and it should arrive fairly soon). It got me thinking about how my posts have been lacking in frequency lately. I am just finishing my final few days of post-secondary, and will be starting my life as a career-man, so this blog has been pushed back on the priority list lately. So if it is a month since my last post, please do not think that I have abandoned the site...I am likely just really busy. Hopefully I will get to post more frequently soon. With that out of the way, lets talk about the vinyl only single, Total Exposure...

In 2001, Airport 5 (Tobin Sprout and Robert Pollard) did not treat us to just one great single, but two. When it comes to GBV-related side-bands, Airport 5 may just be the greatest, giving us two full-length albums (well, three if we count Tonics and Twisted Chasers), as it combines the two main songwriters of the GBV canon.

Total Exposure, from Tower In The Fountain Of Sparks, is a beautiful song, and definately worthy of a single. The chorus of "Listen to the way the children play as the day slips away/and the light comes on/total exposure" is among my favorite GBV (related) moments.

The single is followed by two great b-sides which have fit nicely on the album. Cold War Water Sports has a groovy guitar riff playing throughout, which might get boring if it wasn't for Pollard's great vocals ("He's increasing the Frankenstein"). The Wheel Hits The Path (Quite Soon) his hurt by being cut off way too soon. I could see this being a rocking hit live, given a heavier treatment.

I don't actually own this single, though I do have the cuts from Selective Service. However, with three solid tracks, it makes for a truly decent single.

Tracklisting (songs in bold make my ultimate Pollard/GBV playlist/box set):

01 Total Exposure
02 Cold War Water Sports
03 The Wheel Hits The Path (Quite Soon)

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