Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guided By Voices: Hardcore UFOs: Live At The Wheelchair Races (2003)

Live At the Wheelchair Races is a stellar live album. It has a great mix of tracks, from the classics (A Salty Salute, Weed King, Game Of Pricks, Tractor Rape Chain), live staples (My Impression Now, Drinker's Peace, Johnny Appleseed, Over The Neptune), Robert Pollard solo album tracks (Quicksilver, Make Use, Town Of Mirrors, Far Out Crops), and some rare live tracks (Key Losers, How Loft Am I?, Look At Them, Shrine To The Dynamic Years, James Riot). I did not plan on actually putting any live tracks on the playlist, however, one particular cut is just too cool to ignore...

The live version of I Am Produced simply rocks, and I cannot leave it off the playlist. I absolutely love it when this one gets going, with its dueling vocals (the three main lines: "I Am Produced", "Produce Me!" & "Pressed, printed, stomped, tripped ,trapped, tricked, packaged, shipped")

I am not going to go into detail with all the other tracks, since there is tons of live material out there from GBV, and this is simply a collection of great performances to add to it.

Tracklisting (NOTE: I did not plan on putting live tracks on the playlist, but I'm making an exception for I Am Produced):

01 (Intro)
02 Little Lines
03 A Salty Salute
04 I Am Produced
05 Why Did You Land?
06 Zap
07 14 Cheerleader Coldfront
08 Everywhere With Helicopter
09 Quicksilver
10 James Riot
11 Pretty Bombs
12 Far Out Crops
13 My Impression Now
14 Look At Them
15 Melted Pat
16 How Loft Am I?
17 King And Caroline/Motor Away
18 Trap Door Soul
19 Cheyenne
20 Make Use
21 Burning Flag Birthday Suit
22 Weed King
23 Town Of Mirrors
24 Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox
25 Dragon's Awake
26 Shrine To The Dynamic Years
27 Game Of Pricks
28 Tractor Rape Chain
29 Key Losers
30 Now To War
31 Johnny Appleseed
32 Drinker's Peace


Joe said...

Why no live tracks on your playlist? Not even Dayton Ohio 19-something and 5? Blasphemy...

Ryan Avellanosa said...

This is so good...if you have it..