Thursday, January 05, 2006

Guided By Voices: Box (1995)

Simply put, if you do not own the individual albums contained in Box, then it is an essential purchase for the GBV fan (and you can't get King Shit and the Golden Boys anywhere else). It includes the first four Guided By Voices' albums, but not the first EP (that is available in the Hardcore UFO's box set), and a rarities disc. Instead of providing a review, here are my reviews for the individual CD's found in Box:

1987 - Devil Between My Toes

1987 - Sandbox
1989 - Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia
1990 - Same Place the Fly Got Smashed
1995 - King Shit and the Golden Boys (rarities)


Nick said...

I love your reviews and look forward to seeing your ultimate GBV playlist. But one suggestion I have for you is to only have the albums italicized--songs should be in quotations. For example, the song "I am a Scientist" should be in quotations, while the album should be in italics. Keep up the good work!

The Rock Robot said...

You know that makes a lot of sense...however it would take a lot of work to go change the previous entries. Maybe I'll try it out on the next one (well, the fourth really, since I already have the next three written up).