Saturday, January 21, 2006

Guided By Voices: An Earful O'Wax (1993)

I do not personally have this record, though I thought I should let you know about it because it is a greatest hits compilation of everything from Forever Since Breakfast (1986) through Same Place The Fy Got Smashed (1990). Other than glaring ommisions Land of Danger, The Tumblers, and A Portrait Destroyed By Fire, this is one hell of a collection, and an excellent portrait of early Guided By Voices. I'm assuming it is also extremely hard to find nowadays, especially since it was made in Germany. However, for someone just getting into the Box boxset, it is a virtual guide to its contents...

Every song except Crux, Hey Hey Spaceman, and Liar's Tale made my personal GBV playlist. Crux didn't make the cut do to its instrumental nature, and I still can't figure out how Hey Hey Spaceman got thrown onto this collection. I revisited Liar's Tale and have grown to appreciate it bit more, however not enough to put on the list. The only three songs I took for my playlist from Sandbox were also the only ones included on this album. I may have to make myself a copy of this greatest hits package (using the songs I own of course).

Below is the tracklisting as well as the album the song is from.


01 Navigating Flood Regions (SIAN)
02 Captain's Dead (DBMT)
03 The Hard Way (SPTFGS)
04 Crux (DBMT)
05 Hey Hey, Spaceman (DBMT)
06 An Earful O' Wax (SIAN)
07 Lips Of Steel (SB)
08 How Loft I Am? (SPTFGS)
09 Sometimes I Cry (FSB)
10 A Visit To The Creep Doctor (SB)
11 The Future Is In Eggs (SIAN)
12 The Great Blake Street Canoe Race (SIAN)
13 Pendulum (SPTFGS)
14 Long Distance Man (SB)
15 Old Battery (DBMT)
16 The Other Place (FSB)
17 Liar's Tale (SIAN)

FSB - Forever Since Breakfast (1986)
Devil Between My Toes (1987)
SB -
Sandbox (1987)


thomas said...

I found a copy of this not so long ago at the Minus Zero ( of Minus Zero/Standout! in London, it was the last of a whole stash they had. The story behind it is that Pete Jamison was in London in the early-mid 90s and asked around whether there was a record shop that might be interested and was sent into the direction of this curious mini-market of obscure, psychedelic, underground music. They liked what they heard and took a stash off him and started selling them. A few years later Bob came into the shop too and decided to trade some GBV rarities in exchange for records he wanted from that shop. It's a cool little story so I thought I'll share...

Anyway, it is a very nice collection of early GBV, and, hey!, I like 'Hey, Hey Spaceman!'. I'm still not sure how this guy in Germany found out about GBV at such an early stage. It's intriguing.

The Rock Robot said...

Wow, that is a cool story. And of course, it is a stellar collection and very close to what I would have come up with. As for "Hey, Hey Spaceman", well, we all have our likes/dislikes. Actually, I never said I didn't like it on my review of "Devil Between My Toes"...just that it wasn't as good as the other tracks.

Thanks for the story/comment.

Anonymous said...

Bought my copy at the late, great TRASAH AMERICAN STYLE in Danbury, CT in 1997 or so... can't remember exactly when. Was just getting into these guys and saw this and it had songs I wasn't familiar with so I bought it... got it home, unwrapped and lo and behold, it's on CLEAR VINYL!! Anyone know how many were pressed like this?

Maximum Jack said...

"Liar's Tale" is among my top five Robert Pollard songs ever. I wish I had a copy of EOW, I wouldn't even need it to be on clear vinyl, but that would be nice. I've just stumbled across this blog looking for a track listing for this record, and I am eventually going to come back and read it cover to cover (huh?). I would do it now, but I'm afraid I might plagerize. I'm currently working my way through the entire GBV catalog and jotting my thoughts down on the Metacritic forums. It is in desperate need of some more GBV fans, so I'll provide a link:

I've recently revived this thread which had been dormant for some time.