Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Guided By Voices: Under The Bushes Under The Stars - Bonus Tracks (1996)

If you were lucky enough to find either a European or Japanese version of Under The Bushes Under The Stars, you would have been treated to a few bonus tracks. In fact the European release also contained the Tigerbomb EP and the split with Superchunk (another great band). I thought I'd go through some of these tracks since it appears that I'll get through Demons & Painkillers one release at a time...

Delayed Reaction Brats is swimming in fuzz and noise, but there is a fine song hiding underneath. I must say that is balancing on the fence when it comes to adding it to my playlist, and at just over a minute, I'll add it to the playlist for now. He's The Uncle is another short track which is oozing melody, mixed with some sound effects. It is surprising this didn't find its way to a proper album, as it would have sounded nice on Under The Bushes Under The Stars. The Key Losers is practically the same version as on Tonics & Twisted Chasers except with better sound quality.

As for the Japanese version of Under The Bushes Under The Stars, the version of The Finest Joke Upon Us is the same as on Mag Earwhig! Finks was apparently set to be on Pollard's solo album Not In My Airforce. It would make for a great car tune, and reminds me of a stroll through the park. It is a happy sounding little tune with a great riff.

Tracklisting (songs in bold make my ultimate Pollard/GBV playlist/box set):

- Bonus tracks from the European version of Under The Bushes Under The Stars AND the split with Superchunk:

01 Delayed Reaction Brats
02 He's The Uncle
03 The Key Losers

- Bonus tracks from the Japanese version of Under The Bushes Under The Stars:

25 Finks
26 The Finest Joke Is Upon Us (same as on Mag Earwhig!)


mikejaz said...

Ah, "He's the Uncle"...

Sounds rather British to me, sort of like a mid-period Kinks number from "Arthur", only recorded back at the studio the Who used for "My Generation" know, the one with the Scotch tape and the 100 watt wastebasket...I play this a lot for all of my friends because the chorus sez "...and I am getting old, aren't I?"

And we are. Bob is such a great writer.

Anonymous said...

Yup, all essential (except I don't like Finest Joke). UTBUTS should have been a proper double LP.