Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guided By Voices/Airport 5: Selective Service (2001)

Selective Service is simply a collection of three previous vinyl-only singles from GBV and Airport 5. Those singles being Dayton, Ohio - 19 Something and 5, Total Exposure, and Stifled Man Casino. The latter two available also on Tower in the Fountain of Sparks. Also included as a bonus track is the Airport 5 track In the Brain, which I have not been able to get into very much. I currently have it on my list of songs to re-visit for my ultimate playlist. Should someone who actually owns Airport 5's Tower in the Fountain of Sparks pick up this EP? I would answer yes due to the live version of Dayton, Ohio - 19 Something and 5, as well as the two excellent b-sides to Total Exposure. To get my take on the individual releases that make up Selective Service, see the following links:
Guided By Voices: Dayton, Ohio - 19 Something and 5 (2000)
Airport 5: Total Exposure (2001)
Airport 5: Stifled Man Casino (2001) ...

Tracklisting (Songs in bold make my ultimate Pollard/GBV playlist/box set):

01 Guided By Voices - Dayton, Ohio - 19 Something and 5
02 Guided By Voices - Travels
03 Guided By Voices - No Welcome Wagons
04 Guided By Voices - Selective Service
05 Airport 5 - Total Exposure
06 Airport 5 - Cold War Water Sports
07 Airport 5 - The Wheel Hits the Path (Quite Soon)
08 Airport 5 - Stifled Man Casino
09 Airport 5 - Peroxide
10 Airport 5 - Eskimo Clockwork
11 Airport 5 - In the Brain


Joe said...

Stifled Man Casino is a classic. Man, I'm havin a blast visiting this site, goin down memory lane (alien), thinkin up my own list...

Joe said...

I love it at the end of 19 something and 5 where Bob asks "That's kind of a sad song there isn't it?" and also how he calls the song "Dayton Ohio 19 Something Circa and Five". I like the live version better than Tonics version.