Thursday, October 15, 2020

RE:SCORE - Guided By Voices: I Am a Scientist EP (1994)

TOTAL SCORE: 15, AVG: 3.75

In my original review of this EP (or single), I was surprised that Do the Earth was a leftover on a single and not featured on an album proper. The version of I Am a Scientist here is a better produced and rocking version that you may or may not like better than the version on Bee Thousand. I enjoy both equally and feel both versions have their place...

    Planet's Own Brand and Curse of the Black Ass Buffalo are decent enough tracks as well, so overall this single is worth picking up and adding to your GBV collection. Here is the updated ranking:

    Among Bob's Best
    01 I Am a Scientist

    -- none

    Almost Gems
    03 Do the Earth

    They're Good
    04 Planet's Own Brand

    They're OK
    02 Curse of the Black Ass Buffalo

    Could Live Without
    -- none

    Toss-Offs & Throwaways
    -- none

    Given the scoring above, the album would get 15 points total (and an average of 3.75). 

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