Saturday, October 03, 2020

RE:SCORE - Guided By Voices: Same Place the Fly Got Smashed (1990)

TOTAL SCORE: 35, AVG: 2.69

Same Place the Fly Got Smashed (SPtFGS) is a neat album, and a great companion to the previous Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia (SIAN). Similar to that album, quality of recordings hurt SPtFGS, especially with some of the heavier songs like The Hard Way, Mammoth Cave, and Blatant Doom Trip. Also similar to SIAN, the sum is better than its parts, and SPtFGS does well when listened to all at once...
    You can read my original review here. Part of the review was me lamenting on not really knowing what to think of Club Molluska. In the subsequent 15 years I have grown to love that song, and to be honest, I actually don't mind Ambergris either (I even thought about calling it an "almost-gem" with its infamous badness). I've also grown to enjoy GBV's droning rockers like Blatant Doom Trip (just like I love Circling Motorhead Mountain by Pollard's side project Lexo and the Leapers). I would never recommend someone new to Guided By Voices to start with SIAN or SPtFGS, but if one did become a fan, they would owe it to themselves to check them out. Here is the updated ranking:

    Among Bob's Best
    -- none

    08 Pendulum

    Almost Gems
    04 Drinker's Peace
    07 Club Molluska

    They're Good
    02 Order for the New Slave Trade
    03 The Hard Way
    05 Mammoth Cave
    10 Local Mix-Up / Murder Charge
    12 Blatant Doom Trip
    13 How Loft I Am?

    They're OK
    06 When She Turns 50

    Could Live Without
    01 Airshow '88
    09 Ambergris

    Toss-Offs & Throwaways
    11 Starboy

    Given the scoring above, the album would get 35 points total (and an average of 2.69). 

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