Wednesday, October 07, 2020

RE:SCORE - Guided By Voices: The Grand Hour (1993)

TOTAL SCORE: 14, AVG: 2.33

There's Shocker in Gloomtown, and then there is everything else. Shocker has been given placement among the most famous of GBV tracks, and for good reason. It is a staple at live shows, and it is just a really fun and energetic tune that gets even better the more you hear it. It also doesn't break the 90 mark, so given that it packs that much of a punch in less than a minute and half is something to be admired...
    Honestly, most of my time re:scoring The Grand Hour was just listening to Shocker in Gloomtown over and over. In my original review, I said this EP should just be called the "Shocker in Gloomtown single", and I still feel that way today. Sure, Break Even is alright if you are in the right mood, and the quirkiness of the EP as whole can be a lot of fun, but this really is the Shocker in Gloomtown show. Here is the updated ranking:

    Among Bob's Best
    02 Shocker in Gloomtown

    -- none

    Almost Gems
    -- none

    They're Good
    05 Break Even

    They're OK
    03 Alien Lanes

    Could Live Without
    01 I'll Get Over It
    04 Get Over It
    06 Bee Thousand

    Toss-Offs & Throwaways
    -- none

    Given the scoring above, the album would get 14 points total (and an average of 2.33). 

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