Wednesday, October 07, 2020

RE:SCORE - Guided By Voices: Static Airplane Jive (1993)

TOTAL SCORE: 13, AVG: 2.17

Looking back at Static Airplane Jive, I am reminded by how these early 90's EPs were both consistent and thematic as smaller records and also were complementary to the larger albums released at the time. When I was getting into GBV in 2005, it was so fun to discover these EPs and throw in another 6 or so songs into the collection...
    There is nothing overly outstanding on Static Airplane Jive, and I think I may be giving Big School too much credit (or maybe I'm still affected by its seemingly importance from other fans). That being said, Hey Aardvark and Glow Boy Butlers have grown on me over the years, whereas Damn Good Mr. Jam and I have grown further apart. You can read my original review here, and this is the updated ranking:

    Among Bob's Best
    -- none

    -- none

    Almost Gems
    01 Big School

    They're Good
    04 Hey Aardvark
    05 Glow Boy Butlers

    They're OK
    02 Damn Good Mr. Jam

    Could Live Without
    06 Gelatin, Ice Cream, Plum...

    Toss-Offs & Throwaways
    03 Rubber Man

    Given the scoring above, the album would get 13 points total (and an average of 2.17). 

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