Tuesday, October 06, 2020

RE:SCORE - Guided By Voices: Propeller (1992)

TOTAL SCORE: 54, AVG: 3.60

Probably the most surprising thing about this re:score is that no songs from Propeller have been ranked "among Bob's best". I'm sure that at different points in time I would have easily graded Weedking, Exit Flagger, and even Some Drilling Implied with the best score (and if you check out my original review, I basically said Weedking was the best song not included on the Guided By Voices Best Of album), but it has been a long time since I first heard this album...
    Also likely controversial are my ratings for Metal Mothers, Lethargy, and 14 Cheerleader Coldfront as just "good". For me songs like these have just so much fan history that takes them to another level in GBV lore, whereas if it came out on a new album today, it would not be seen as highly regarded. But overall Propeller is still an excellent album and essential to any GBV collection. It is the first true great GBV album, and the start of a series of amazing albums that would be considered GBV's golden age. Particular Damaged is still a throwaway though. Here is the updated ranking:

    Among Bob's Best
    -- none

    01 Over the Neptune / Mesh Gear Fox
    02 Weedking
    04 Quality of Armor
    07 Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy
    09 Exit Flagger
    14 Some Drilling Implied

    Almost Gems
    08 Red Gas Circle
    13 Circus World
    15 On the Tundra

    They're Good
    05 Metal Mothers
    06 Lethargy
    10 14 Cheerleader Coldfront

    They're OK
    11 Back to Saturn X Radio Report

    Could Live Without
    12 Ergo Space Pig

    Toss-Offs & Throwaways
    03 Particular Damaged

    Given the scoring above, the album would get 54 points total (and an average of 3.60). 

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